Marc Secoy

Marc has been dabbling with technology for quite some time. Therefore he handles the media, accounting, and production aspects of the company.
E-mail: marc@yourtownentertainment.com
Phone: (201) 298-3386


Dennis Foreman

Dennis is an outgoing charismatic person with a really long beard. So he primarily focuses on booking, artist relations, and venue partnerships.
E-mail: dennis@yourtownentertainment.com
Phone: (201) 298-3386

Delivering entertainment.

Branding will make you what you think of it, everything or nothing.  Your Town Entertainment will connect you with a variety of talented acts that help put or keep you on the “cool” map.

No one shows, if no one knows! SM

You can have the best band in the world playing your event but unless you promote, it could be a plummet off the deep end of the earth.  Your Town Entertainment works with the artist and venue to meet and/or exceed turnout expectations.

 If it sounds bad, then it probably is bad.

Overall sound and appearance of a performing act can be the bearing factor of a successful event.  After all who likes people walking out on their performance because it sounds terrible, leaving with a bad experience of both the entertainer and establishment.  Your Town Entertainment will guide the way to a happy place, making sure production requirements can be met by venue or artist.

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