What We Do

A quality production can lead to an exponential increase in satisfaction for the artists, venue, and audience! Your Town Entertainment will lead the way to this win, win, win situation by utilizing great equipment and production design.

Great sound and visual appearance makes a performance better for the artist, more rememberable to the audience, and it leaves a good impression on the venue, making everyone wanting to come back.


We have a vast amount of sound reinforcement equipment at our disposal for small to large productions. For extremely large events we have partnerships with major production companies to make sure contract riders are met for national touring artists.

Listed below is a basic spec overview of our in-house equipment.

  • 8 to 32 Channel Mixers (Presonus, Yamaha, and more)
  • Dual 15″ w/Horn Main Speakers (JBL)
  • Single 18″ Main Sub Speakers (EV)
  • 15″ w/Horn Monitors (Yamaha)
  • 5,000 Watts of Power Amps (Crown)
  • FOH Processing (dbx, yamaha, lexicon, and more)
  • Microhphones (Shure, EV, Sennheiser, and more)
  • 150W Par 56 Cans w/DMX Control (Altman)
  • 750W Ellipsoids w/DMX Control (Source Four)
  • 5 Beam Red Laser w/DMX Control (American DJ)
  • Rotating Multi-Lights (Chauvet)
  • Strobe Lights (Chauvet)
  • 1000W Fog Machine (Chauvet)
  • Beacon Lights (Various)
  • DMX Light Controller
  • DJ Light Controller
  • 16 Simultaneous Tracks of Live Audio Recording
  • Recorded Directly into Logic
  • Can be Exported for Pro Tools and more
If you or a band is in need of back-line equipment for a show we can generally obtain the following:

  • Guitar Amplifiers (Marshall, Fender, and more)
  • Bass Amplifiers(Ampeg and more)
  • Drums (Pearl and more)
  • Up to 24′ x 8′ of Black Velvet Backdrop
  • Custom Made Props
  • Themed Decorations
  • Outfits
  • Costumes


Our in-house system allows up to 16 Track Simultaneous Recording that is ideal for:
  • Band Demos
  • Audio Commercials
  • Voice Overs
  • and more
We also have the ability to go mobile!


We have the resources to assist with promotional videos and photography by:
  • Taking High-Res Photos
  • Editing via Photoshop and Aperature
  • Making Images Web or Print Ready
  • Capturing HD Video
  • Editing via Final Cut
  • Compressing for the Web
  • and more


One of our unique attributes is to offer themed events. We take a lot of pride in being original and:
  • Planning the Layout
  • Custom Making Props
  • Ordering Complimentary Props
  • Decorating the Venue
  • and more

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